Apprentice Mentor Program

Photo: Sarah da Fonseca


AMP is a continuous professional development program for newly graduates demonstrating exceptional talent in dance. Nagelhus Schia Productions mission is to provide a systematic mentor scheme that can bridge the gap between the educational and professional arena.

Each year, this unique program will engage 8 newly graduate dancers in technical, choreographic and performance development on a high professional level, through genuine paid work experience. 

Thanks to Talent Norge’s funding of kr. 4,5 million kroners over the next three years, these talented apprentices will be invited to join Nagelhus Schia Productions, as their apprentice company. AMP is a collaboration and co-produced project between Nagelhus Schia Productions and Bærum Kulturhus.

Each year a new full evening of works will be choreographed on and for the apprentices, by Norwegian and internationally leading choreographers. In addition, we will set up a national tour exclusively for AMP. 

The apprentices will also be given the opportunity to participate in a skills enhancement program. They will work closely with Bærum Kulturhus, shadowing their guest artists; participate in masterclasses, workshops and production meetings. The apprentices will gain thorough insight into project management, budgeting and marketing.

AMP will act as a conduit facilitating these apprentices to be more equipped to working as freelance professional dance artists. 

Audition by invitation.

Audition: 30 and 31 March 2019
Location: Bærum Kulturhus, Sandvika
Application deadline: 01 March 2019

AMP recruits newly graduate dance artists (graduated in the last 3 years) with relevant three year higher education. Send your cover letter, CV, picture and any supporting material that presents you as an artist to amp@nsproductions.no

Recruitment for AMP 2019/2020 is now closed!
Watch this space for more info regarding AMP 2020/2021.