Choreography by Shintaro Oue


A/WAY is a brand new work created for seven DanseFOT talents and three professional dancers. We are looking forward to an exciting, acrobatic and humorous meeting between Japanese Oue, the DanseFOT talents and the professional dancers.

"To me it is about looking back in time. For the young dancers it is about looking to the future. This understanding of how we look, gave me the idea for this choreography. In order to see what does not exist, we must have imagination. I therefore ask you to free your imagination. I have no idea what I am doing!

P.S. When you come to a point where you can neither describe it, nor give it a name, just smile ...”

Date & time:
Friday 31. August 2018. 19:00  
Saturday 01. September 2018. 19:00  

40 minutes 

Bærum Kulturhus

150 - 380

Shintaro Oue

Vebjørn Sundby
Jens Trinidad
Mai Lisa Guinoo

DanseFOT talents:
Caroline Eitrem
Alfa Aakervik Hansen
Camilla Risnes Lerheim
Synne Maria Mikelsen
Johanne Annesdotter Skogstad
Julie Skjerven Talgøe
Ane Tveit

Light design:
Martin Myvold

Costume design:
Lillian Baur

Sarah da Fonseca (NSP)
Julie Finckenhagen Sandli (DanseFOT)

Antero Hein