Photo: Antero Hein


DanseFOT is a dance talent development programme for young people from Akershus county municipality, founded and managed by Bærum municipality school of music and fine arts.

In light of Akershus county municipality’s Culture Plan for 2016-2023, DanseFOT was granted yearly funding to establish a county-based talent group, and a dance production each year.

DanseFOTs unique and robust talent development programme enables young talents to learn from and connect with professional dancers, who are active in the dance sector. Nagelhus Schia Productions collaborates with DanseFOT, supporting the talents, and providing them with high quality artistic opportunities. DanseFOT production is artistically directed by Guro Nagelhus Schia and co-produced by Nagelhus Schia productions.

"Perhaps some of the talents will become professional dancers, or find inspiration and strength to carve their own way? I hope we will give these talents a unique memory for life, and that they understand themselves and others better, and develop skills such as being creative, disciplined, curious and brave". Guro Nagelhus Schia

Each year, a new set of DanseFOT talents get to learn, dance and perform side by side with professional dancers, and some of the best choreographers. Here the talents have a unique opportunity to develop their own artistic expressions.

In Autumn 2018, Bærum Municipality school of music and fine arts founded a new strand of their DanseFOT talent development programme, specifically targeting VG1 dance students from further education institutes based in Akershus county municipality. These selected VG1 students receive intensive training, tailor made workshops with Nagelhus Schia Productions, and follow the company closely in the company’s rehearsals and performances.

For further information contact Bærum Municipality school of music and fine arts, DanseFOT coordinator Julie Finckenhagen Sandli: julie.sandli@baerum.kommune.no