Judith Arupa

Photo: Antero Hein

Photo: Antero Hein

Judith Arupa (NL) started with dance at the age of 16 with hiphop. With her background in gymnastics and judo she always had an eagerness to move. After finding out there were actual schools for dance she started her bachelors in
jazz and urban dance. Judith soon switched to contemporary dance, simply because she didn't know what 'contemporary dance' meant.

In school Judith had the opportunity to work with Helder Seabra (Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui & HelKa), Anton Lachky (Les Slovaks & Anton Lachky Company) and Filip van Huffel (Retina Dance Company), amongst others. 

She gained experience and graduated with a solo inspired by Philip Hulford's training during her time in Torino.

‘’It was an absolute pleasure to witness a rising star perform’’ – Sade & Kristina Alleyne (Akram Khan & Alleyne Dance). 

Judith is part of Nagelhus Schia Productions’ AMP - Aspirant Mentor Program 2019-2020.