Martin Horntveth

Photo: Paul Ritter Schjerven

Photo: Paul Ritter Schjerven

Martin Horntveth is a Norwegian musician, composer and electronica artist.

Together with Ravi (Ivar Johansen) he started the band Jaga Jazzist in 1994, where he and his brother Lars are key members.

In summer 2003 he and his brother Lars wrote a commissioned work for Vestfold Festspillene. The work was performed by the musicians who later became the band The National Bank.

He received the Edvard Prize 2005 in the pop music category for the tune Tolerate from the band's debut album The National Bank, together with his brother Lars and the lyricist Martin Hagfors.

As a solo artist he has released two EP's with electronica music and toured the US and Europe. He also has a more pop/rock oriented solo project under the name Wolf Whistle, where he plays all the instruments himself. Horntveth is also a musician for the theatre group Stella Polaris.

Horntveth has also been a drummer in Bigbang in the period 1997–1999, and was playing the drums on the album Electric Psalmbook. He has been a band leader for Bertine Zetlitz backing band, and played with artists such as Anneli Drecker, Thomas Dybdahl and the band Home Groan.

Horntveth has written music for TV series Luftens Helter and Himmelblå, and participated in the TV series Thursday evening with Steinar Sagen where he was musical director and studio musician in the fictional TV show. In 2003 he was involved in a noise-rock side-project called Kill with Espen Hangård, Erlend Mokkelbost and Are Mokkelbost, which released a live DVD in 2011.