Nadege Kubwayo

Photo: Tormod Skår Midtbø

Photo: Tormod Skår Midtbø

Nadege Kubwayo was raised in Stjørdal where she attended Ole Vig High School before moving to Oslo. She took a bachelor's degree in Jazz Dance at the Oslo Academy of the Arts (2016-2019).

Whilst living in Stjørdal, she was included in Drømsommarjobbet where she worked with Carl Olof Berg. She was also a dancer in the Olav Engelbrektsson Midnight Opera where she worked with André Danielsen.

During her education at KHiO, she worked with choreographers including Ludvig Daae, Masja Abrahamsen, Erica Sobol and Christopher Arouni.

Nadege is part of Nagelhus Schia Productions’ AMP - Aspirant Mentor Program 2019-2020.