Stian Bergdølmo

Photo: Stephen Hutton Choreography:  Korridor  by Christopher Arouni

Photo: Stephen Hutton
Choreography: Korridor by Christopher Arouni

Stian Bergdølmo was born in Norway but spent most of his childhood in foreign lands. He studied dance at Spin Off Forstudium and graduated from The Norwegain National Academy of the Arts in 2016. 

Since graduating Stian has been affiliated with the National Scene in Bergen, Opera Trøndelag and the Opera in Kristiansund. Stian is also co-founder of the company COLLAB, which had its first performance Sonder in 2017. As a freelance professional dancer, Stian has worked with choreographers, including: André Danielsen, Toni Herlofsson, Inger Cecilie Bertrand de Liz, Heidi Jessen, Petra Barghouthi, Hallgrim Hansegård and Simone Grøtte.

Stian has been involved in two international productions to date. Aurum (2015) an interdisciplinary art installation by Kristine Gjems and choreographed by Heidi Jessen, performed at the Prague Quadrennial Art Festival. In connection with MOT performances, Stian traveled to Palestine and studied the play Tawasol (2017), which was later performed in Norway.

Stian joined Nagelhus Schia Productions as an apprentice in 2019 for Orbo Novo choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Youth choreographed by Stian Danielsen. Stian is part of Nagelhus Schia Productions’ AMP - Aspirant Mentor Program 2019-2020.