Vilja Kwasny

Photo: Yaniv Cohen Choreography:  Kneeding  by Jefta van Dinther

Photo: Yaniv Cohen
Choreography: Kneeding by Jefta van Dinther

Vilja Tjemsland Kwasny is a Norwegian and Polish dancer, born in Bergen. She has a vocational training diploma from The Royal Swedish Ballet School majoring in classical ballet (2012-15), and a Bachelor’s degree in contemporary dance from Norwegian National Academy of the Arts (2015-18).

During her education she danced in The Nutcracker with The Royal Swedish Ballet and had an internship with Dans i Nord. She also worked with choreographers such as Siri & Snelle, Stian Danielsen, Eva-Cecilie Richardsen, Lise Tiller, Shi Pratt and Jefta van Dinther, and performed works by Sharon Eyal. 

After her graduation she has contributed in projects as a freelance artist and worked with the German composer Alexander Schubert, as well as choreographer and dancer Roza Moshatghi and Inés Belli. Vilja has also been engaged in some work as an actress. 

Vilja joined Nagelhus Schia Productions as an apprentice in 2019 for Orbo Novo choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Honolulu Queen choreographed by Kristin Inao. Vilja is part of Nagelhus Schia Productions’ AMP - Aspirant Mentor Program 2019-2020.